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Canadian Students
Entrance: 0Lowest: $1,000Highest: $40,000
In-School: 0Lowest: $1,000Highest: $40,000

Graduate Scholarships

Canadian Students
Entrance: 0Lowest: $7,200Highest: $7,200
In-School: 0Lowest: $7,200Highest: $7,200

Notes for Canadian Students

The University offers a number of merit based awards for undergraduates including Major Entrance Scholarships for students who enter UBC from secondary school or from college/university. To be eligible for these scholarships, a student must be nominated by their school. In addition to Major Entrance Scholarships, the University provides a number of other substantial entrance awards. Another merit based award, the President's Entrance Scholarship (PES), recognizes students who have achieved academic excellence in secondary school. Through this program, students who attain a final admission average of a 95% or higher receive a $4,000.00 award and a guaranteed place in UBC housing, 86% or higher receive a $2,000.00 award and a guaranteed place in UBC housing, and 80% or higher receive a $1,000.00 award. College/university transfer students are eligible for the Trek Excellence Scholarship of up to $2,000.00. Students are required to have a final GPA of 3.8 on at least 27 transferable credit hours. If you are from outside the Central Okanagan Region, you are eligible to receive the $500.00 UBC Okanagan Travel Subsidy, which helps cover some of the costs of moving and travel. The UBC Board of Governors has a policy that no domestic student who is otherwise qualified should be prevented from attending UBC for financial reasons alone. (Domestic students include Canadian citizens and permanent residents.) For further details about and applications for scholarships, bursaries, and other financial aid assistance, please visit the Web site.

27 scholarship(s) found.
  Scholarship Value Deadline
Faris Family Scholarship $1,500 April 30, 2018
Lambda Scholarships in Gay and Lesbian Studies $1,000 n/s
ConocoPhillips Canada Centennial Scholarship Program $5,000 May 30, 2018
Guenther Felix Sanders Scholarship n/s n/s
ILWU Local 517 Bud Smith Scholarship $300 n/s
Piping Industry Journeyman Training and Industry Promotion Fund Scholarship $1,000 n/s
Retail Wholesale Union, Local 517, Scholarship $500 n/s
United Food and Commercial Workers Union, Local 1518, Scholarship $1,000 n/s
Pathway to Teacher Education Scholarship $5,000 March 31, 2018
Association of Administrative Professional Staff of UBC Scholarship $4,500 n/s
White Spot Limited Bursary $500 n/s
Schulich Leader Scholarships $20,000 n/s
UBC Centennial Scholars Entrance Award n/s December 01, 2017
Go Global Award n/s n/s
Go Global Scholarship n/s n/s
Go Seminar Program Award $1,000 n/s
Go Global Research Abroad Program Award n/s n/s
Go Global Self-Directed Research Abroad Award n/s n/s
Go Global Student-Initiated International Internship Award $2,000 March 15, 2017
Choquette Family Foundation Student Mobility Award $10,000 April 30, 2017
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