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Algoma University
Your ‘Plan B’ Strategy May 10, 2016

Algoma University


Canadian Students
Entrance: 0Lowest: $1,500Highest: $16,000
In-School: 88Lowest: $200Highest: $12,000


Canadian Students
Entrance: 7Lowest: $500Highest: $5,000
In-School: 72Lowest: $150Highest: $2,000

Notes for Canadian Students

Various academic merit scholarships and bursaries are available. The value of bursaries depends on demonstrated financial need as well as available resources. Students may be eligible for emergency loans to cover essential educational expenses. The Financial Aid Office manages the full range of federal and provincial financial assistance programs on campus.

Notes for International Students

Algoma University does not offer any international scholarships or bursaries at this time.

Modified on January 12, 2017