Welcome to Scotland

Scotland is known for it’s iconic landscapes, cities, culture, and history. If you are looking for a country to study abroad, you will not regret choosing Scotland. Home to 19 world-class institutions, Scotland is not only a beautiful country to explore, but one that can give you an amazing educational experience.


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6 Reasons to Study in Scotland


Explore the UK

On the weekends, you also have the opportunity to explore England and Wales, which are only a quick train ride away!


Quality Education

With 19 world class institutions, Scotland has a highly respected education system and offers the highest rates of student satisfaction in all of Britain.


Culture and History

Scotland has a rich and unique culture that you will not find anywhere else in Britain or the world.


Stunning Landscapes

Iconic landscapes can be found throughout the country. From grassy hills to snowy mountains, you will find an amazing view anywhere you go.


Friendly People

Scottish people are famous for their friendliness, hospitality, and warmth. You’ll feel an enthusiastic friendliness as soon as you enter the country.


Historic Cities

Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, and Aberdeen are just a few cities where you will find amazing architecture and stunning design.