Studying in Australia is ideal for students with a taste for adventure and a love for nature. Australia is the sixth largest country in the world by land mass and has a population of over 23 million. From the infamous Outback to the white sand beaches lining the Great Barrier Reef, Australia is renowned for its natural beauty and diverse ecosystems.

Post Secondary School Structure in Australia

As a Canadian high school student, you can apply to study an undergraduate degree at a certified Australian school. Undergraduate degrees, or bachelor’s degrees, are typically three years in length. In certain specialized and professional fields (such as engineering or law), a fourth year of study may be required prior to the completion of a bachelor’s degree. “Double-degrees” are also available, in which a student combines 2 undergraduate programs. A double-degree typically requires 4-6 years of study.

A “bachelor of honours” is also referred to as a “4th year” is a one year research program open to strong academic students. Bachelor of honours programs typically offer accelerated entry to postgraduate programs (master’s and doctorate). Students may apply to a bachelor of honours program once they have completed a bachelor’s degree in Australia or New Zealand. A bachelor of honours is recommended for students who wish to go on to a postgraduate program in any country.

There are 3 types of postgraduate qualifications in Australia:

  • Graduate/Postgraduate Certificates & diplomas: a one semester or one year program that provides a stand-alone qualification or specialization
  • Master’s degrees: typically one to 2 years of study involving 70-80% of class work and a minor thesis project
  • Doctorate degrees: three to five years of independent research and a major dissertation.

Entry Requirements for Canadian Students

Entry requirements will vary depending on the school you wish to apply to. Typical requirements for a Canadian student include:

  • Valid Passport (this passport must remain valid for the entire duration of your stay in Australia)
  • Official high school transcript (potentially a certified copy of your diploma)
  • Standardized test scores where applicable
  • Online application

Student Visas in Australia

To apply for a student visa, you can use this site:

You will need to have the following documents on hand in order to apply for a visa:

  1. A valid passport: Be sure that the personal details on your passport match the information you provide in your online visa application
  2. An electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE): This document refers to your official letter of acceptance from an Australian university
  3. A credit card: A student visa will cost you approximately $570 CAD.

Useful Resources:

For information on acquiring a student visa, visit Study in Australia at