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Social and Behavioural Sciences and Law

Business Economics (BA) Bachelor; Honours
Business Economics (iBA) Bachelor; Honours
Canadian Studies (BA) Bachelor
Canadian Studies (iBA) Bachelor; Honours
Economics Bachelor
Economics (BA) Bachelor; Honours
Economics (iBA) Bachelor; Honours
French Studies (BA) Bachelor
French Studies (iBA) Bachelor; Honours
Gender and Women's Studies Bachelor; Honours
Gender and Women's Studies (BA) Bachelor
Gender and Women's Studies (iBA and iBSc Bilingual and Trilingual) Bachelor; Honours
Hispanic Studies (Spanish) BA Bachelor; Honours
Hispanic Studies (Spanish) iBA Bachelor; Honours
International Studies (BA) Bachelor
International Studies (iBA) Bachelor; Honours
Law and Social Thought Certificate
Political Science (BA) Bachelor; Honours
Political Science (iBA, iBSc Bilingual and Trilingual) Bachelor
Psychology (BA) Bachelor
Psychology (iBA, iBSc, Trilingual) Bachelor; Honours
Refugee and Migration Studies Certificate
Sexuality Studies Certificate
Sexuality Studies (BA) Bachelor; Honours
Sexuality Studies (iBA) Bachelor; Honours
Sociology (BA) Bachelor; Honours
Sociology (iBA) Bachelor; Honours

Humanities and Languages


Business, Management and Public Administration


Mathematics, Computer and Information Sciences

Health, Parks, Recreation and Fitness

Visual and Performing Arts, and Communications Technologies

Drama Studies (BA) Bachelor; Honours
Drama Studies (iBA) Bachelor; Honours

Personal Improvement and Leisure

Sexuality Studies (iBA) Bachelor; Honours

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