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Social and Behavioural Sciences and Law

Anthropology (MA) Master
Chemistry: Science, Society and Policy Master
Communication Doctorate
Communication (MA) Master
Communication (MC) Master
Communication (MC) Master; Co-op
Conflict Studies Master
Conflict Studies Doctorate
Criminology Doctorate
Criminology (MA) Master
Criminology (MA) - Women's Studies Master
Economics Doctorate
Economics Master; Co-op
Economics Master
Economics - Canadian Studies Doctorate
Education (MA) - Studies in teaching and learning Master
Education (MEd) - Societies, cultures and languages Master
Education - Canadian Studies Doctorate
Education - Societies, Cultures and Languages Doctorate
Geography Doctorate
Geography (MA) Master
Geography (MA): Environmental Sustainability Master
Geography (MA): Science, Society and Policy Master
Geography (MSc) Master
Geography (MSc): Environmental Sustainability Master
Geography (MSc): Science, Society and Policy Master
Geography - Canadian Studies Doctorate
Globalization and International Development Master; Co-op
Globalization and International Development: Environmental Sustainability Master
Globalization and International Development: Women's Studies Master
Government Communication Post-diploma
History - Women's Studies Master
History - Women's Studies Master; Co-op
Human Kinetics (MA): Women's Studies Master
Human Kinetics: Canadian Studies Doctorate
International Development Doctorate
Lettres françaises - Études canadiennes Doctorate
Linguistics - Canadian Studies Doctorate
Nursing (MSc): Women's Studies Master
Organizational Communication Post-diploma
Philosophy: Canadian Studies Doctorate
Philosophy: Women's Studies Master
Political Science Master
Political Science Doctorate
Political Science: Canadian Studies Doctorate
Political Science: Environmental Sustainability Master
Political Science: Women's Studies Master
Psychology Doctorate
Psychology (Clinical) Doctorate
Psychology: Canadian Studies Doctorate
Public Administration (MA): Women's Studies Master
Public and International Affairs (MA) Master; Co-op
Public and International Affairs (MA): Environmental Sustainability Master
Public and International Affairs (MA): Science, Society and Policy Master; Co-op
Religious Studies - Canadian Studies Doctorate
Religious Studies - Women's Studies Master
Social Work Doctorate
Sociology Master
Sociology Doctorate
Sociology - Canadian Studies Doctorate
Sociology - Women's Studies Master
Translation Studies - Canadian Studies Doctorate
Women's Studies (MA) Master
Women's Studies (PhD) Doctorate
World Literatures and Cultures (MA) Master

Humanities and Languages

Bilingualism Studies Master
Canon Law (MCL) Master
Canon Law (PhD) Doctorate
Classical Studies (M.A.) Master
Classical Studies (M.A.): Medieval and Renaissance Studies Master
Conference Interpreting (MCI) Master
Contemplative Theology and Spiritual Mentorship Post-diploma
Counselling and Spirituality Doctorate
Counselling and Spirituality Master
Counselling and Spirituality: Women Studies Master
Couple Counselling and Spirituality Post-diploma
English Master
English Doctorate
English - Canadian Studies Doctorate
English - Medieval and Renaissance Studies Master
English - Women's Studies Master
History Doctorate
History (MA) Master
History (MA) Master; Co-op
History - Canadian Studies Doctorate
History - Medieval and Renaissance Studies Master
History - Medieval and Renaissance Studies Master; Co-op
History - Women's Studies Master; Co-op
History - Women's Studies Master
Lettres françaises Doctorate
Lettres françaises (MA) Master
Lettres françaises - Études canadiennes Doctorate
Lettres françaises - Études des femmes Master
Lettres françaises - Études médiévales et de la Renaissance Master
Linguistics Doctorate
Linguistics Master
Linguistics - Canadian Studies Doctorate
Ministry (DMin) Doctorate
Philosophy Doctorate
Philosophy Master
Philosophy: Canadian Studies Doctorate
Philosophy: Medieval and Renaissance Studies Master
Philosophy: Women's Studies Master
Public Ethics Post-diploma
Public Ethics Master
Religious Education Master
Religious Studies Master
Religious Studies Doctorate
Religious Studies - Canadian Studies Doctorate
Religious Studies - Medieval and Renaissance Studies Master
Religious Studies - Women's Studies Master
Spanish Doctorate
Spanish (MA) Master
Spanish - Medieval and Renaissance Studies Master
Theology Master
Theology Doctorate
Translation Studies Doctorate
Translation Studies (MA) Master
Translation Studies - Canadian Studies Doctorate
Translation Studies: Literary Translation Master
World Literatures and Cultures (MA) Master

Physical and Life Sciences and Technologies

Architecture, Engineering, and Related Technologies

Mathematics, Computer and Information Sciences

Health, Parks, Recreation and Fitness


Visual and Performing Arts, and Communications Technologies

Business, Management and Public Administration

Agriculture, Natural Resources and Conservation

Personal Improvement and Leisure

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