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University of Bristol

University of Bristol

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A vibrant cultural scene within easy reach of the UK's finest destinations and stunning countryside - it's no wonder people cross continents to live and study here. We're proud to call Bristol home and invite you to experience it yourself.


Our Student's Union helps its students to run over 290 societies and over 60 sports clubs. Whether it's well-known sports like football, rugby or running, or something more unusual, Bristol SU has a huge range of options. Our societies cover everything from board games to cheese, from magic to Pokémon. They are great support networks for academic areas, health, and liberation groups.

Campus Tour

Our campus tours run throughout the year and are led by our student ambassadors, who are all currently studying at Bristol. The tour will give you an idea of the layout and general facilities of the University, and you will be able to share experiences with the tour guide about what it's like to study with us. You will not be able to gain entry to labs or academic departments, but you should get a feel for the place and maybe meet others also thinking of studying here. Tours last for around 90 minutes and includes several optional detours around parts of the city. You can book by emailing us on

Modified on February 01, 2019