Heritage College & Seminary

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Are you considering educational options that will further develop the skills and spiritual awareness required to excel in your future? If this is you, look no further than Heritage College. Heritage is a learning environment that is both unique and complete. This is a Christian institution where the Bible is central in the classroom and life. The Heritage experience is more than just a place in which to advance your knowledge, but an opportunity to discover who you really are in an environment that lets your true colors shine. Heritage College & Seminary’s is a result from the amalgamation of London Baptist Bible College & Seminary and Central Baptist Seminary (Toronto).

Areas of Expertise

Most Heritage students are preparing for church and Para church ministries with a goal of serving God through helping people. Over 2,200 alumni now serve as pastors, musicians, worship leaders, youth pastors, children's ministry directors, missionaries, counselors, and school teachers all over the world. Amazing opportunities exist for our future grads!

On Campus Housing

 # BedsLowestHighest
Female only:54 bedsLowest: $1,550Highest: $3,100
Male only:54 bedsLowest: $1,550Highest: $3,100

We have two residence buildings, one for men and one for women, which can accommodate 108 students. Application packages are available beginning February 1, from the Student Services Office, or on our website www.DiscoverHeritage.ca under our application forms. When completed, applications will be accepted on a first-come/first-serve basis. Preference is given to full-time first year students (12 or more credit hours per semester) although, after July 1, consideration will be given to applications for part-time students as well. Residence features: three bedrooms (fully furnished), kitchen and appliances, Internet hook up, and free laundry.

Incoming Students

Whether your interests are people of any age, helping others, music, different cultures, the Bible and personal growth, to solidify your Christian foundation for a future career, or just trying to figure out who you are and where you’re going, Heritage has a variety of opportunities and programs for you. With 1 and 2-year options, as well as 3 and 4–year degrees, you can begin to imagine the possibilities.

Career Planning

Counselling Services Department provides career counselling in the form of information, assessments, workshops, and individual counsel to foster self understanding and decision making, and to aid students in developing skills for job searching/employment. Heritage provides a Career Resource Centre in the counselling area to help students to explore their vocational and educational options.


The Athletics Department is designed to assist students in understanding the use of sports in ministry. From the development of outreach programs, informal teaching, or planned seminars, students are encouraged to integrate their love of sports with their commitment to a godly life. Heritage offers the possibility of participating in various leagues in addition to intramural programs and annual sports challenges. These may change on an annual basis. Our facilities include a full-size gym with a cushioned hardwood floor and a fitness room.


The Student Cabinet offers a variety of venues and opportunities for the student body to enhance their time at Heritage. There are various events throughout the year in which students can get involved; coffee houses, worship nights, student body retreat, local outreach activities, a great Missions’ Conference, and so much more. On the arts side of things, if you are musically talented our Music Department offers many ways to get involved. Auditions are held for our Ministry Teams which include chapel worship teams and travel teams (music and drama). These auditions are not limited to only students in our Music programs. As well in past years we had the Heritage Singers (our choir). This however is based on majority interest each year.


There are various ways in which to get involved at Heritage. Each year, STUCA, which is our Student Cabinet has representatives for the following areas: Activities, Athletics, Local and Global Outreach, Yearbook, Newspaper, Arts and Commuter Outreach. Each of these areas offers opportunities for students to get involved. Another group our students can be involved in comes with living in Residence. Once a week students in Residence participate in Impact Groups (small groups) run by the Residence Assistants. There are opportunities for off-campus students to get involved in these Impact Groups, as well as off-campus specific small groups.

Information Technology

Internet hook up is available in residence and there is wireless access in the Community Center and library.

Affiliated Institutions

For a complete listing of affiliated associations, and supporting and partner churches, visit www.heritage-theo.edu/Resources_and_Links/index.html.

Campus Tour

Our Student Samplers are designed for individuals that want to get a taste of life on campus. Students will stay overnight in our residence, enjoy an evening with current students, then spend the next day sampling a variety of classes and participate in Chapel. All meals are provided. Student Samplers are scheduled for October 3-4, 2016 | November 21-22, 2016 | February 6-7, 2017 | March 14-15, 2017. You can also request a tour during a time that best suits your schedule. Visit http://www.heritagecambridge.com/tour/ to book a tour.

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