Dominican University College/Collège universitaire dominicain



Dominican University College (DUC) is a bilingual university specializing in fully accredited undergraduate and graduate programs in Philosophy and Theology. It is located in the heart of Ottawa, Canada's capital, a few steps from Parliament Hill and the Supreme Court. It is heir to the Catholic Dominican tradition of teaching Philosophy and Theology that dates back to the founding of the first European universities in the XIIIth century. Building on this rich tradition, with its outstanding faculty, small classes and generous scholarship programs, it attracts students from across Canada and around the world. If you have a keen desire to learn and explore our complex intellectual history, DUC invites you, whatever your religious and cultural background, to join us in an environment of amicable dialogue and critical reflection.

Areas of Expertise

Dominican University College specializes in the study of theology and philosophy in both official languages.

On Campus Housing

 # BedsLowestHighest
Co-ed:12 bedsLowest: $7,200Highest: $7,200

Male students studying at Dominican are invited to live on campus. Individual living quarters, three meals (buffet style) per day shared with the Dominican brothers, access to the common rooms, library and swimming pool are all included for $1000/month. Please contact the friar responsible for accommodation at or by fax at (613) 236-3869 or also at (613) 233-5696.

Incoming Students

We would like to extend a warm welcome to undergraduate students interested in pursuing a degree in philosophy or theology, and to those who would like to enrol for single courses as special students. Join us in cultivating the habits of academic and human excellence.


The Student's Association (AECDO) elects its representatives who sit on the boards of the Philosophy Department and of the Faculty of Theology. It organizes and directs various activities, such as extracurricular, social justice committee,and social gatherings pertaining to student life.


The College organizes a number of cultural activities throughout the year, such as lectures and concerts.

Affiliated Institutions

Dominican University College holds partnerships with the Institut de pastorale des Dominicains in Montreal, Quebec, the Dominicans of Canada, and the École Biblique et Archéologique Française in Jerusalem.

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