Blyth Academy

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Blyth Academy Yorkville is a private high school of approximately 130 students. We are conveniently tucked away in the heart of downtown Toronto in a recently renovated heritage building. Due to our close proximity to the Yonge and Bloor TTC station, we welcome an inclusive student community from across the city and GTA.
Our school delivers high academic standards while supporting and enabling our students to meet their full potential. We offer a unique 4-term structure that has students focused on completing 2 courses per term; and our class sizes average 8 students, led by passionate teachers who are able to invest in each individual's success. Our established community partnerships compliment and enhance the learning experience for our students and underscore the importance we place on experiential learning. These partnerships allow our students to take regular trips to the Royal Ontario Museum, the University of Toronto and the Art Gallery of Ontario.
Our small class sizes, open and consistent communication with students and families regarding progress, and dedication to student well-being and academic success, all contribute to a school community that is open, vibrant, and welcoming of all. It's no wonder our students flourish both personally and academically over these four formative years! *In addition to our full-time academic program, we also offer integrated private, online study, evening/weekend and summer school study options for students looking to compliment their existing academic arrangement.

Areas of Expertise

Blyth Academy is a private high school for students in Grades 9-12. We offer our students a unique four term approach - which allow for flexible entry points in our academy, small class sizes - which makes our learning environment very personalized and an exceptional faculty - who are passionate about educating and drawing out the maximum potential in all our students. Combine all these factors together and you get 99% of our students being accepted into universities of their choice with over half of our graduates receiving full or part scholarships.

Off Campus Housing

Blyth Academy has home stay choices for their International students. For more detailed information, please contact our Admissions staff at

Incoming Students

At Blyth, we offer our Grades 9-10 a unique Foundations Program. This program aims to build the essential academic and life skills for our early learners to ensure that they succeed in both secondary and post secondary school.

Career Planning

Each of our 7 campuses has its own dedicated guidance team. Our Head of Guidance is there to mentor each student throughout the year and counsel them during their university application process. With each guidance team being responsible fro 50-70 students, every student gets the attention and help they deserve.


At Blyth, there are both individual and campus wide events for our students to participate in. Whether it be taking our students to Nuit Blanche or participating in Me to We day, there is always something exciting and educational happening!


Each campus at Blyth has its own student council responsible for organizing their campus events. This way, we know that our students' voice are being heard when it comes to their needs and interests.

Affiliated Institutions

Blyth Academy is partnered with a number of reputable facilities. Students have the option of taking courses at the Royal Ontario Museum, the Art Gallery of Ontario, through the Toronto International Film Festival and Outward Bound Canada. Each facility has its own unique and exciting program for our students. To find out more, contact our admissions team at

International Involvement

Blyth Academy is one of Canada's largest providers of international education. Each summer, we offer our students the opportunity to partake in our International Summers program where they get the chance to earn high school credits in various places overseas.

Campus Tour

If you are interested in touring one of our campuses, please contact the Admissions team. Campus tours are offered Mon-Fri from 9 AM - 4 PM.


Our full time students have the opportunity to participate in our Integrated Travels program. Each term, Blyth offers its students the chance to partake in either a domestic or overseas trip to earn grades towards their credit. This year, our exciting locations include Buffalo, India and Chicago.

Modified on September 25, 2019