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Western’s four year Doctor of Dental Surgery program enables students to possess the knowledge and skills to conduct a superior general practice, as well as the scientific background necessary for continued professional and intellectual growth, vital skills for today’s dentists. As dental practices change, the curriculum in the Doctor of Dental Surgery program evolves to reflect those changes. The first two years of the program introduce students to basic sciences necessary for future study, as well as the clinical methods of dentistry. First year courses include dental biochemistry, anatomy, restorative dentistry, and physiology. Second year courses prepare the student dentist for introduction to the Dental Clinic and hospital settings. In the third and fourth years, an increasing amount of time is devoted to the treatment of patients and attendance at clinics in various specialties, including oral surgery, while continuing with applied basic science courses. The school also offers a three year graduate program leading to a Master of Clinical Dentistry-Orthodontics.

On Campus Housing

Please take a look at our Division of Housing and Ancillary Services' Web site.

Incoming Students

Our Simulation Clinic is a pre-clinical education facility housing 60 patient simulation units; each unit features a realistic “phantom head” with anatomically correct mouth and teeth, and functioning equipment just like in a practising dentist’s office. This lifelike clinic simulation facility provides the opportunity to teach techniques and procedures with true clinical accuracy. When students have completed the pre-clinical training, they move on to the school’s 100 chair Dental Clinic, which treats more than 12,000 patients each year.

Career Planning

Students see patients through the entire continuum of care like they will in their future careers, including examination, evaluation, diagnosis, developing a relationship with their patients, and treatment of a full range of dental problems.


Western’s varsity athletic teams are among the best in the country. The Mustangs have brought home several provincial and national titles, as well as numerous OUA and CIS major awards, Coach of the Year and All Star Honours. For years, UWO’s athletes have also ranked among the best in the country for academic excellence. One in four Mustangs have achieved OUA Academic Achievement or CIS Academic All Canadian Honours, presented each year to athletes who maintain an average of 80% or higher while contributing to their team’s athletic success. Western competes in a wide range of men’s and women’s sports including basketball, football, hockey, rowing, rugby, soccer, track and field, volleyball, and much more. All full-time students are invited to tryout for one of our varsity teams. For more information, please e-mail mustangs@uwo.ca or call (519) 661-3551.


Western campus recreation provides a wide variety of drop in activities, intramural sports, instructional courses, sport clubs, and personal wellness services to meet the diverse fitness and recreation needs of all Western students. Our facilities are open long hours year round to provide ample opportunity for busy students to make fitness a part of their lifestyle. Campus recreation also boasts one of the largest intramural sports programs in Canada. Nearly 10,000 students participate on hundreds of teams in an astounding array of sports. No matter what your favourite sport is or what skill level you are at, campus recreation’s intramural program has something for you!

Campus Tour

We are proud of our university and we like to show it off. Our recommendation is that you visit between September and April when the campus is filled with academic activity. Contact us to book a guided tour of the campus, faculties, and residences. We will be happy to help plan your day on campus. Remember to book in advance so that we can be prepared for your arrival. Book online at welcome.uwo.ca and click on “Campus Visit” or call (519) 661-2026.

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