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Dental education was instituted at the University of Alberta in 1917 in the School of Dentistry under the Faculty of Medicine. The first full degree program was offered in 1923 and the first class graduated in 1927. The School became the Faculty of Dentistry in 1944.

Dental auxiliary training was instituted in 1961. In 1962, the School of Dental Hygiene came into being. A program of graduate studies was formally approved in 1962. Finally in 1996, the Faculty of Dentistry was merged with the Faculty of Medicine to become the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry.

Areas of Expertise

The Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry at the University of Alberta has 20 departments, two faculty divisions, eight research groups and 15 centres and institutes. We have state-of-the-art labs and teaching facilities, award-winning teachers, medical students who have scored near or at the top on national medical licensing exams, and alumni who are making a difference in the health of the world’s peoples.

Career Planning

After consultation with the Graduate Students’ Association and consideration of economic job trends, the University of Alberta is the first Canadian university to implement the Professional Development (PD) Requirement (following some of the Ivy League colleges in the United States). It’s an exciting new initiative to help you recognize your talents, pursue your interests, learn professional skills and make the connections that will help you excel in your chosen field. Although it is mandatory for all incoming graduate students, some departments have professional development already incorporated into their programs. Please check with your department to confirm how this requirement is fulfilled in your program.

International Involvement

The Department of Dentistry provides an opportunity for foreign exchange with Dresden Germany.

Campus Tour

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The Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research's Community Connect (CC) Program provides you with opportunities and activities to share knowledge and gain experience for personal and professional growth. Graduate students will learn how to engage public curiosity, develop creative means of disseminating research, and strengthen community and global citizenship.

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