Southeast Regional College

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Southeast College serves a region of more than 70 communities spread throughout 20,000 square kilometers. Through partnerships with post-secondary institutions, the College delivers a variety of career, vocational, and academic programs to meet the economic demands of southeastern Saskatchewan. Additionally, the College serves many business and industry stakeholders by offering numerous business, safety, and industrial programs and courses required to meet the diverse and challenging workplace skill sets of Saskatchewan’s growing economy.

Southeast Regional College delivers programs through six Campus Offices located in Assiniboia, Estevan, Weyburn, Whitewood, Moosomin, and Indian Head.

Areas of Expertise

The College delivers a variety of career, vocational, and academic programs.

Off Campus Housing

Whitewood Campus maintains a list of room and board, apartments, and other rental accommodations available in the community of Whitewood. Moosomin Campus will provide a list of hotels/motels in Moosomin. Estevan Campus will assist verbally with accommodations available in the community. Assiniboia Campus offers information on accommodations within the area that can be obtained by contacting the Assiniboia Campus. See for more information.

Incoming Students

Various testing services, which explore educational/career options, are offered. They are delivered through computer or conventional testing methods.

Career Planning

Career counselling services and study skills workshops are available to all college students free of charge.


Services that are available at the Assiniboia Campus are gym, library, movie theatre, skating rink, and curling rink.

Information Technology

Estevan Campus: No charge to students for computer usage in our computer lab during regular office hours.
Whitewood Campus: Free access to computer lab in Whitewood, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday.
Moosomin Campus (Provincial Building): There is a computer in the counsellor's office that the public may use to do job searches, type and print resumes, career searches, education information, etc. We will fax important papers to varying agencies for the public. Copies can be made of resumes for clients.
Assiniboia Campus: A 10 computer lab is located on-campus; contact the campus for rates and availability.

Special Services

Estevan Campus: Staff will assist you verbally regarding day care that is available in the community.
Weyburn Campus: Day care facilities are available in Weyburn on-campus.
Whitewood and Moosomin Campuses: Lists are available of day care providers in the communities of Whitewood and Moosomin.
Assiniboia Campus: Contact the campus for information on day care facilities located in Assiniboia.


Each campus has a student parking area available on a first come, first served basis.

Modified on August 21, 2019