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da Vinci College

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We are a private career college that offers programs in Art, Technology and Health Care. We are industry leaders in the area of audio and video digital arts, and now offer career training in the growing health care sector. If you are a creative or caring person with a fascination for technology, we offer career training for you. At da Vinci, you will master leading edge technology and apply it to your own personal passion. Career choices include animation for film and games, digital film making and photography, graphic design, web development, audio production, IT administration, and more. If your passion is more for people and pets, we can train you to be a Continuing Care Assistant or Veterinary Hospital Assistant. You’ll be taught by experienced, industry professionals with other like-minded students. But we give you more than just cool skills and valuable knowledge; we prepare you for real jobs that are waiting for you to take or create.

Areas of Expertise

da Vinci College focuses on two areas of expertise: arts and technology, and health and human studies. In the arts and technology department, you'll find courses in 2D animation, audio engineering, digital filmmaking, fashion design and merchandising and more. In health and human studies, you can enroll in courses on counselling, medical and dental office administration, and corrections and policing foundations.

Incoming Students

Students have access to financial planning services, and extended labs and facilities are available to students after classes and business hours. Several programs offer 2-month internships, including on-the-job training with each placement.

Modified on July 07, 2017