Camosun College

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Camosun College, with two beautiful campuses, is one of the largest and most prestigious colleges in British Columbia. The Lansdowne Campus is located high on the corner of Lansdowne and offers a spectacular view of Victoria and the Olympic Mountains. The Saanich Campus enjoys an interurban rural, country like setting while being only a short 15 minute drive from downtown.

Camosun offers over 100 programs in arts, sciences, health and human services, business, sport education, technologies, and trades. Many students choose to undertake university transfer (two plus two or one plus three) leading to a degree program at a Canadian university. It is also possible to complete high school level courses at Camosun College.

Areas of Expertise

Camosun's strength is in its range of programs and services. There are all levels of ESL, high school completion courses, university transfer courses, associate degree programs, and four year degrees. There are also practical career programs in areas such as applied communication, environmental technology, golf management, mechanical engineering technology, and culinary arts. Camosun also has the largest college co-op programs in British Columbia/Yukon.

Off Campus Housing

 # BedsLowestHighest
Homestay:Lowest: $850Highest: $850

Camosun has an excellent homestay program for international students who want to live with Canadian hosts. There is a one time only service fee of $225.00, and the accommodation and food is $850.00 monthly. Camosun also has a student society accommodations service. This is available on the website.

Incoming Students

New and continuing students may take advantage of the ombuds services, carpool registry, Assessment Centre, campus bookstores, cafeterias and libraries, Language Help Centre, daycare, recreation and athletics, peer support, Imaging Centre, and walk safer program.

Career Planning

The services include the Career Resource Centre, academic advising, and career counselling.


The recreation and athletic office organizes drop in sports including floor hockey, indoor soccer, table tennis, and basketball. Intercollegiate competitive sports include basketball, volleyball, and golf. There is a Fitness Centre at both campuses.


The Nexus newspaper is the official student run newspaper. Since 1999, it has been its own student society. Further, there is also a Women’s Centre, International Student Club, and the varsity athletic teams, the Camosun Chargers.

Information Technology

Internet access facilities with e-mail services are available at computer labs. Computer labs are available open from 8:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., Monday till Thursday and all have printers that are accessible by pay per page methods.


The First Nations Student Association includes a variety of services including hosting the welcoming feast in September, counselling services through the year, First Nations news, and Celebration week.

Special Services

Camosun offers a wide range of services for First Nations students and international students. For example, all students have the opportunity to access a counsellor if the need arises. Importantly, disabled students may also benefit from the services provided at the Disability Resource Centre. Camosun also has a Dental Centre and Language Help Centre that students have to keep students teeth and English skills in good shape!

Affiliated Institutions

There are a number of affiliated institutions such as the Association of Canadian Community Colleges, Association for Media and Technology in Education in Canada, British Columbia Council on Admissions and Transfer, British Columbia Centre for International Education, Industry, Training & Apprenticeship Commission, Ministry of Advanced Education, Post-Secondary Employers’ Association, and Royal Roads University.

International Involvement

Camosun offers a full range of exchange programs and field schools. For an up to date list of programs, please see the website.

Campus Tour

Campus tours take place at the new student orientation sessions held prior to each semester or term.


The following support services are available to international students at Camosun: academic advising; career and personal counselling; Career Resource Centre; Assessment Centre; ombuds services; student success facilitators; Language Help Centre; carpool registry; campus bookstores and cafeterias; computer labs; Women's Centre; Food Bank; homestay program, walk safer program; and peer support.

Modified on August 16, 2021