Tyndale University College

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Tuition Fees

Canadian Students:$14,670 - $28,100

Notes for International Students:

International students pay the same fees as Canadian students. Total costs for tuition, fees, residence, board, books, and incidentals will average $15,000.00 Canadian per year. Students are required to demonstrate their ability to cover these costs by submitting a bank statement of personal funds or letter(s) from sponsors indicating the amount of financial support that will be provided. International students need to arrange for their own medical coverage/insurance (approximately $600.00 annually). International students are required to pay their first year's fees in full when they register for classes. Fees include tuition, student fees, and medical insurance.

Supplementary Fees 2018 - 2019

Application Fees

NOTE: This fee is mandatory.

Orientation Fee

NOTE: This fee is not mandatory.

Residence and Food Service Fees

NOTE: This fee is not mandatory.

Modified on October 12, 2017

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