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Notes for Canadian Students:

All students are required to pay a non-refundable fee when submitting their application for admission or re-admission to the University or to a program. If you are a person aged 65 years or older prior to the start of a term, you are exempt from paying the standard per credit tuition fee as long as you provide proper identification. However, you are still responsible for tuition surcharges and any other fees, including Incidental Fees. For a complete list of other fees, please refer to Tuition & Other Fees. If you are unsure about whether a course qualifies for exemption, please contact the Cashier's Office.

Notes for International Students:

Please view 'Notes for Canadian Students'.

Supplementary Fees 2024 - 2025

Student Services & Technology Fee

NOTE: Student Services and Technology fee (applicable to all campuses)

U-Pass BC

NOTE: Translink transit pass program. The U-Pass BC program is in effect at Capilano University. Purchase of the U-Pass is mandatory for all Capilano Students' Union members enrolled in 3 or more credits and attending classes within Metro Vancouver and the cost is automatically added to fees upon registration. The U-Pass charge is $152.00 per term (equal to $38.00 per month). Please be advised that students are responsible for the full U-Pass BC fee whether or not a pass has been linked to a Compass Card each month of the term. Students who become ineligible for a U-Pass during a term will not receive a U-Pass in the subsequent month. For more information on the U-Pass BC Program, terms of use, exemption criteria, and answers to most frequently asked questions, please see U-Pass BC.

Capilano Courier Membership

NOTE: Student Newspaper fee

CSU Health and Dental Plan

NOTE: The CSU Health and Dental Plan is only charged in the Fall term each year. Students who opt out between Aug 17-25, 2015 (by 4:00pm) and have their proof of coverage approved by Aug 17, 2015 will have the plan fee reversed from their student account by the tuition payment deadline. Students who complete an opt out between Aug 25 (after 4:00pm) - Sept. 22, 2015 will have the plan fee credited to their student account and will need to pay all the university fees, including the CSU health & dental plan fee by Aug. 25, 2015.

Term Enrollment

NOTE: Charged by the University for enrollment

Student Union Membership

NOTE: Membership dues for the Student Union (Students attending classes in North Vancouver)

Student Union Building Levy

NOTE: Student Union Building Levy to provide a new student union building

Modified on November 29, 2015