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Social and Behavioural Sciences and Law

African Studies Certificate
Anthropology Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Anthropology Bachelor; Honours
Anthropology Bachelor
Anthropology Bachelor; Co-op
Anthropology and Archaeology Bachelor
Anthropology and Communication Bachelor
Archaeology Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Archaeology Bachelor; Co-op
Archaeology Bachelor; Honours
Archaeology Bachelor
Archaeology and First Nations Studies Bachelor
Art, Performance and Cinema Studies Bachelor
Business and Communication Bachelor
Business and Economics Bachelor
Business and Geography Bachelor
Business and Pyschology Bachelor
Business Technology Management Certificate
Business, Philosophy, and the Law Bachelor
Chinese Studies Certificate
Cognitive Science Bachelor; Honours
Cognitive Science Bachelor
Cognitive Science Bachelor; Co-op
Cognitive Science Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Communication Bachelor
Communication Bachelor; Co-op
Communication and Interactive Arts and Technology Bachelor
Creative Technologies in Digital Journalism Certificate
Criminology Bachelor; Honours
Criminology Bachelor; Co-op
Criminology Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Criminology Bachelor
Economics Bachelor
Economics Bachelor; Co-op
Economics Bachelor; Honours
Economics Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
English and Communication Bachelor
Ethnic and Intercultural Studies Certificate
Family Studies Certificate
First Nations Studies Bachelor
French Cohort Program Bachelor
French Cohort Program Bachelor; Honours
Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies Bachelor
Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies Bachelor; Co-op
Geographic Information Science Bachelor; Honours
Geographic Information Science Bachelor; Co-op
Geographic Information Science Bachelor
Geographic Information Science Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Hellenic Studies Certificate
Human Geography Bachelor; Honours
Human Geography Bachelor
International Studies Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
International Studies Bachelor; Co-op
International Studies Bachelor
International Studies Bachelor; Honours
Italian Studies Certificate
Physical Geography Bachelor; Honours
Physical Geography Bachelor
Political Science Bachelor
Political Science Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Political Science Bachelor; Honours
Political Science Bachelor; Co-op
Psychology Bachelor; Co-op
Psychology Bachelor; Honours
Psychology Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Psychology Bachelor
Social Justice Certificate
Sociology Bachelor
Sociology Bachelor; Honours
Sociology Bachelor; Co-op
Sociology Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Sociology and Communication Bachelor
Spatial Information Systems Certificate
Technical Communication Certificate
Urban Studies Certificate

Physical and Life Sciences and Technologies

Applied Biology Bachelor
Applied Physics Bachelor
Applied Physics Bachelor; Co-op
Applied Physics Bachelor; Honours
Applied Physics Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Behavioural Neuroscience Bachelor
Behavioural Neuroscience Bachelor; Honours
Biological Anthropology Certificate
Biological Physics Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Biological Physics Bachelor
Biological Physics Bachelor; Co-op
Biological Physics Bachelor; Honours
Biological Sciences Bachelor
Biological Sciences Bachelor; Honours
Biomedical Physiology Bachelor; Co-op
Biomedical Physiology Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Biomedical Physiology Bachelor
Biomedical Physiology Bachelor; Honours
Chemical Physics Bachelor; Honours
Chemical Physics Bachelor; Co-op
Chemical Physics Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Chemical Physics Bachelor
Chemistry Bachelor; Co-op
Chemistry Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Chemistry Bachelor; Honours
Chemistry Bachelor
Chemistry and Earth Sciences Bachelor
Chemistry and Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Bachelor
Earth Sciences Bachelor; Honours
Earth Sciences Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Earth Sciences Bachelor
Earth Sciences Bachelor; Co-op
Forensic Studies Certificate
Genomics Certificate
Marine Science Bachelor; Honours
Marine Science Bachelor
Marine Science Bachelor; Co-op
Marine Science Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Mathematical Physics Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Mathematical Physics Bachelor; Honours
Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Bachelor
Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Bachelor; Honours
Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Bachelor; Co-op
Molecular Biology and Biochemistry and Business Administration Bachelor
Molecular Biology and Biochemistry and Computing Science Bachelor
Physics Bachelor; Honours
Physics Bachelor; Co-op
Physics Bachelor
Physics Bachelor; Co-op; Honours

Humanities and Languages

Business Technology Management Certificate
Business, Philosophy, and the Law Bachelor
Computing Science and Linguistics Bachelor
Creative Writing Certificate
English Bachelor; Co-op
English Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
English Bachelor
English Bachelor; Honours
English and Communication Bachelor
Ethics Certificate
French Bachelor
French Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
French Bachelor; Honours
French Bachelor; Co-op
French Cohort Program Bachelor; Honours
French Cohort Program Bachelor
French Language Proficiency Certificate
General Studies (Applied Sciences) Bachelor
German Studies Certificate
Hellenic Studies Certificate
History Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
History Bachelor; Co-op
History Bachelor; Honours
History Bachelor
Humanities Bachelor; Co-op
Humanities Bachelor
Interpretation and Translation Diploma (Mandarin Chinese/English) Post-diploma
Languages Certificate
Linguistics Bachelor
Linguistics Bachelor; Honours
Linguistics Bachelor; Co-op
Linguistics Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Linguistics of Speech Science Certificate
Medieval and Renaissance Studies Certificate
Philosophy Bachelor; Honours
Philosophy Bachelor; Co-op
Philosophy Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Philosophy Bachelor
Religious Studies Certificate
Spanish Language Certificate
World Literature Bachelor; Honours
World Literature Bachelor
World Literature Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
World Literature Bachelor; Co-op
Writing and Rhetoric Certificate

Business, Management and Public Administration

Accounting Bachelor; Co-op
Accounting Bachelor; Honours
Accounting Bachelor
Accounting Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Actuarial Science Bachelor; Co-op
Actuarial Science Bachelor; Honours
Actuarial Science Bachelor
Actuarial Science Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Business Bachelor; Honours
Business Analytics and Decision Making Certificate
Business and Communication Bachelor
Business and Economics Bachelor
Business and Geography Bachelor
Business and Pyschology Bachelor
Business Technology Management Certificate
Business, Philosophy, and the Law Bachelor
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Bachelor
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Bachelor; Co-op
Finance Bachelor
Finance Bachelor; Co-op
Human Resource Management Bachelor
Human Resource Management Bachelor; Co-op
Information Systems in Business Administration and Computing Science Bachelor
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate
Interactive Arts and Technology and Business (BA/BBA) Bachelor
Interactive Arts and Technology and Business (BSc) Bachelor
International Business Bachelor; Co-op
International Business Bachelor
Labour Studies Certificate
Management Information Systems Bachelor; Co-op
Management Information Systems Bachelor
Marketing Bachelor; Co-op
Marketing Bachelor
Mechatronic Systems Engineering and Business Double Degree Bachelor; Co-op
Molecular Biology and Biochemistry and Business Administration Bachelor
Operations Management Bachelor
Operations Management Bachelor; Co-op
Sustainable Business Bachelor
Sustainable Development Certificate

Mathematics, Computer and Information Sciences

Applied Mathematics Bachelor; Co-op
Applied Mathematics Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Applied Mathematics Bachelor; Honours
Applied Mathematics Bachelor
Computing Science Bachelor; Honours
Computing Science Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Computing Science Bachelor
Computing Science Bachelor; Co-op
Computing Science and Linguistics Bachelor
Computing Science Dual Degree Bachelor
Data Science Bachelor; Honours
Data Science Bachelor
Genomics Certificate
Information Systems in Business Administration and Computing Science Bachelor
Mathematics (B.Sc.) Bachelor
Mathematics (B.Sc.) Bachelor; Co-op
Mathematics (B.Sc.) Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Mathematics (B.Sc.) Bachelor; Honours
Mathematics and Computing Science Bachelor
Mathematics and Computing Science Bachelor; Co-op
Mathematics and Computing Science Bachelor; Honours
Mathematics and Computing Science Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Molecular Biology and Biochemistry and Computing Science Bachelor
Operations Research Bachelor; Honours
Operations Research Bachelor
Software Systems Bachelor
Software Systems Bachelor; Co-op
Statistics (B.Sc.) Bachelor; Co-op
Statistics (B.Sc.) Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Statistics (B.Sc.) Bachelor; Honours
Statistics (B.Sc.) Bachelor

Visual and Performing Arts, and Communications Technologies

Architecture, Engineering, and Related Technologies

Biomedical Engineering Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Biomedical Engineering Bachelor; Honours
Computing Engineering Bachelor; Co-op
Computing Engineering Bachelor
Electronics Engineering Bachelor
Electronics Engineering Bachelor; Honours
Engineering Physics Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Engineering Physics Bachelor; Honours
Engineering Science Bachelor; Co-op
Genomics Certificate
Mechatronic Systems Engineering Bachelor; Co-op
Mechatronic Systems Engineering Bachelor
Mechatronic Systems Engineering and Business Double Degree Bachelor; Co-op
Sustainable Energy Engineering Bachelor
Systems Engineering Bachelor; Co-op
Systems Engineering Bachelor

Agriculture, Natural Resources and Conservation

Health, Parks, Recreation and Fitness

Health and Fitness Certificate
Health Sciences (B.A.) Bachelor
Health Sciences (B.A.) Bachelor; Honours
Health Sciences (B.Sc.) Bachelor
Health Sciences (B.Sc.) Bachelor; Co-op
Health Sciences (B.Sc.) Bachelor; Honours
Health Sciences (B.Sc.) Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Kinesiology Bachelor; Honours
Kinesiology Bachelor
Rehabilitation and Disability Management Diploma


Personal Improvement and Leisure

Personal, Culinary, Protective and Transportation Services

Correctional Studies Certificate
Police Studies Certificate

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