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Social and Behavioural Sciences and Law

Advertising, Public Relations and Branding Bachelor; Honours
Computer Communication and Networks (Year 2 and 3 Entry) Bachelor; Honours
Creative Writing and Journalism Bachelor; Honours
Criminology Bachelor; Honours
Criminology (Criminal Justice) Bachelor; Honours
Criminology (Policing) Bachelor; Honours
Criminology (Youth Justice) Bachelor; Honours
Criminology with Psychology Bachelor; Honours
Digital Media Bachelor; Honours
Early Childhood Studies Bachelor; Honours
Economics (BSc) Bachelor; Honours
Fashion Campaigns and Promotion Bachelor; Honours
Foundation Year in Law and Social Sciences Not Applicable
International Politics Bachelor; Honours
International Politics, Economics and Law Bachelor; Honours
International Tourism Management (Mandarin) Bachelor; Honours
Law Bachelor; Honours
LLB Commercial Law Bachelor; Honours
LLB European Law and Politics Bachelor; Honours
LLB Law Bachelor; Honours
LLB Law with Criminology Bachelor; Honours
LLB Law with Human Rights Bachelor; Honours
LLB Law with International Relations Bachelor; Honours
Professional Practice in Digital Technology (Business Analytics) Bachelor; Apprenticeship
Professional Practice in Digital Technology (IT Consultancy) Bachelor; Apprenticeship
Professional Practice in Digital Technology (Network Engineering) Bachelor; Apprenticeship
Psychology Bachelor; Honours
Psychology with Counselling Skills Bachelor; Honours
Psychology with Criminology Bachelor; Honours
Psychology with Education Bachelor; Honours
Psychology with Neuroscience Bachelor; Honours
Sociology Bachelor; Honours
Sociology with Criminology Bachelor; Honours
Sociology with Psychology Bachelor; Honours
Television and Digital Production Bachelor; Honours

Business, Management and Public Administration

Accounting and Finance Bachelor; Honours
Banking and Finance Bachelor; Honours
Banking and Finance BSc Bachelor; Honours
Business Accounting BSc Bachelor; Honours
Business Information Systems Bachelor; Honours
Business Management Bachelor; Honours
Business Management (Finance) Bachelor; Honours
Business Management (Finance) (Top-up) Bachelor; Honours
Business Management (Human Resource Management) Bachelor; Honours
Business Management (Human Resource Management) (Top-up) Bachelor; Honours
Business Management (Innovation and Entrepreneurship) Bachelor; Honours
Business Management (Mandarin) Bachelor; Honours
Business Management (Marketing) Bachelor; Honours
Business Management (Marketing) (Top-up) Bachelor; Honours
Business Management (Project Management) Bachelor; Honours
Business Management (Spanish) Bachelor; Honours
Business Management (Supply Chain and Logistics) Bachelor; Honours
Financial Services (Top-up) Bachelor; Honours
Foundation Year in Business Not Applicable
Human Resource Management Bachelor; Honours
International Business Bachelor; Honours
International Hospitality and Tourism Management (Top-up) Bachelor; Honours
International Politics and Law Bachelor; Honours
International Politics, Economics and Law Bachelor; Honours
International Tourism Management Bachelor; Honours
International Tourism Management (Mandarin) Bachelor; Honours
International Tourism Management (Spanish) Bachelor; Honours
LLB European Law and Politics Bachelor; Honours
LLB Law with International Relations Bachelor; Honours
Marketing Bachelor; Honours
Master of Business Administration in Oil and Gas MBA Master; Honours; Online; Distance
Shipping and Logistics MBA Master; Honours; Online; Distance
Social Work Bachelor; Honours

Visual and Performing Arts, and Communications Technologies

3D Animation and Games Bachelor; Honours
Animation Bachelor; Honours
Dance Performance Bachelor; Honours
Dance Practices Bachelor; Honours
Fashion Campaigns and Promotion Bachelor; Honours
Fashion Communication and Styling Bachelor; Honours
Fashion Design Bachelor; Honours
Fashion Textiles Bachelor; Honours
Film Bachelor; Honours
Fine Art Bachelor; Honours
Foundation courses Not Applicable
Foundation Year in 3D Design Not Applicable
Foundation Year in Fashion Not Applicable
Foundation Year in Performing Arts Not Applicable
Foundation Year in Visual Arts Not Applicable
Games Design Bachelor; Honours
Graphic Design Bachelor; Honours
Illustration Bachelor; Honours
Intensive Foundation in Art and Design (iFAD) Not Applicable
Interior Design Bachelor; Honours
Jazz Bachelor; Honours
Music Bachelor; Honours
Music Business and Arts Management Bachelor; Honours
Photography Bachelor; Honours
Popular Music Bachelor; Honours
Product Design Bachelor; Honours
Product Design Engineering Bachelor; Honours
Professional Practice (Negotiated Specialism) Bachelor; Honours; Distance
Professional Practice, Arts and Creative Industries (specialisation) Bachelor; Honours; Distance
Theatre Design and Production Bachelor; Honours
Theatre Performance and Production Bachelor; Honours
Visual Effects Bachelor; Honours

Health, Parks, Recreation and Fitness

Architecture, Engineering, and Related Technologies

Architectural Technology Bachelor; Honours
Biomedical Engineering Bachelor; Honours
Computer Systems Engineering Bachelor; Honours
Cyber Security and Digital Forensics Bachelor; Honours
Design Engineering Bachelor; Honours
Electronic Engineering Bachelor; Honours
Engineering Management Master; Honours
Foundation Year in Computing and Engineering Bachelor; Honours
Interior Architecture Bachelor; Honours
Mechatronics Bachelor; Honours
Occupational Safety, Health and Environment (Top-up) Bachelor; Honours
Robotics Master; Honours

Physical and Life Sciences and Technologies

Biochemistry Bachelor
Biology Bachelor; Honours
Biology (Biotechnology) (Year 2 and 3 Entry) Bachelor; Honours
Biology (Environmental Biology) (Year 2 and 3 Entry) Bachelor; Honours
Biology (Molecular Biology) Bachelor; Honours
Biology (Year 2 and 3 Entry) Bachelor; Honours
Environmental Science Bachelor; Honours
Foundation Year in Science Not Applicable
Medical Biochemistry Bachelor; Honours
Neuroscience Bachelor; Honours
Nutrition Bachelor; Honours
Professional Practice (Negotiated Specialism) Bachelor; Honours; Distance

Mathematics, Computer and Information Sciences

Humanities and Languages

Personal, Culinary, Protective and Transportation Services



Professional Practice Bachelor; Honours

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