DFC Here for Tomorrow Scholarship

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Provided byAgriculture in the Classroom Canada (AITC-C)
Number Available5
DeadlineMay 01, 2023
Type of AwardScholarship
DonorDairy Farmers of Canada (DFC)


Level of StudyHigh School Diploma;
Field of StudyAny Field of Study
Year of StudyEntering or in second year, Entering or in third year, Entering or in fourth year
Course LoadFull-time or Part-time
School of StudyAny School
Region of StudyCanada
Schools AttendedAny School
Region of ResidenceCanada
Academic Standing0
Financial NeedNo
Automatic ConsiderationNo


Who is eligible to apply?

  • Any student attending a Canadian high school
  • Must be in Grades 10-12 (Secondary 4-5 in Quebec)

How to Apply

Follow these steps to make sure you've completed everything you need to in order to be eligible to win a scholarship.

Step 1: Learn about thinkAG

Take some time to explore the thinkAG website to get a better understanding of why agriculture and food is an exciting world of opportunity for learning and working!

Step 2: Review the Terms and Conditions

Make sure to read through all the details on this scholarship!

Step 3: Take the Holland Code Career Test to discover your interest area(s)

Holland Codes, otherwise known as the RIASEC system, help to classify jobs into six categories, interests, or personalities. Uncovering your top interest area is the only way you can answer the application questions! Your scores will involve one or more of the following categories: Build (Realistic), Think (Investigative), Create (Artistic), Help (Social), Persuade (Enterprising), Organize (Conventional). In the event of a tie, where you have more than one top interest area, you can choose whichever area you feel best suits you.

Step 4: Pick an interesting agriculture career

Visit the Students page to explore careers that match your interests and pick ONE to focus on in your submission.

Step 5: Complete the idea generation form

This is a handy tool to help you brainstorm, plan, and map out your submission. Once completed, you will automatically be sent a copy of your form with all your information filled out. The information collected will help in your scholarship submission process, and can also be used for your future career exploration journey! Be sure to provide thoughtful answers to all questions as this information may be used in the case of a tie-breaker for top applicants.

Step 6: Research!

Explore AITC-C's snapAG resource library (or any other scholarly information) to help prepare submission question #3 (see Step 7). snapAG is a series of scholarly factsheets about hot topics affecting the agriculture and food industry. Browse through each of the topics or input key words into the search bar. You can also see related snapAG sheets by visiting the Helpful Links section at the bottom of each career profile.

Step 7: Answer 3 questions

  • Which Holland Code(s) or interest area(s) does your chosen career fit into? [Options include: Build, Think, Create, Help, Persuade, Organize]
  • How does this career align with your interests?
  • How can this career positively impact sustainability, both locally and globally?

Step 8: Pick your submission option

This scholarship is all about showing your individual creativity! You have 3 different options as to how you can present your answers to the submission questions:

  • Write an essay (1,500 words maximum)
  • Produce a video (3 minutes maximum)
  • Create a visual arts piece (with 300-word description)

Step 9: Complete the media consent and release form

Download this form, sign it, and upload your signed copy in the Application Form.

Step 10: Complete the application form

Do you have your submission ready to go? Awesome! It's time to complete the final step of the application process. You will need to upload your Media Consent & Release Form at this step.

Contact Information

Contact NameMorgan MacTavish
TitleProject Coordinator
Address5315 Portage Ave.
Winnipeg, MB
Postal CodeR4H 1J9
Application Addresshttps://thinkag.ca/en-ca/scholarships/dfc-here-for-tomorrow
Tuesday, February 07, 2023

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