Course Hero Canada January Sweepstakes

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Number Available1
DeadlineJanuary 31, 2022
Type of AwardContest
DonorCourse Hero


Level of StudyCertificate; Diploma; Post-diploma; Associate; Bachelor; Master; Doctorate;
Field of StudyAny Field of Study
Year of StudyAll Years
Course LoadFull-time or Part-time
School of StudyAny School
Region of StudyCanada, United States
Schools AttendedAny School
Region of ResidenceCanada, United States
Academic Standing0
Financial NeedNo
CitizenshipCanada, United States
Status in CanadaPermanent Resident
Automatic ConsiderationNo


Enter the giveaway when you share your best study docs with other students. 10 study docs shared = 1 entry. Unlimited entries. Your docs will help other students with their studies. It's a win-win.

Enter in two quick steps:

1. Create a free Course Hero account

2. Upload 10 original study docs

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Wednesday, January 05, 2022

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