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Faculty:Full/Part-time Programmes
Field of Study:Radio and Television
Careers:Audio and Video Recording TechniciansAnnouncers


Radio is a fast-paced, dynamic medium that has the power of immediacy. It’s often the first medium to break the news and it’s a primary source of entertainment and information. Radio is also at the forefront of popular culture – delivering music, opinion and information to ever more savvy and demanding audiences. The internet has only extended radio’s reach and influence, as radio stations have now developed sophisticated online presences that offer audiences numerous exciting ways to interact with them. These new opportunities create many new ways for radio to reach and interact with audiences hungry for music, news, information and entertainment.

The Radio major in the Bachelor of Communication Studies (BCS) places equal emphasis on creativity, performance skills, theory, radio station operations and management, and the critical thinking needed to place those skills within the broader context of the medium.
Modified on November 19, 2017