City University of New York - John Jay College of Criminal Justice

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Gender Studies (BA)

City University of New York - John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Field of Study:Area, Ethnic, Cultural, and Gender Studies, Other
Course Based:Yes
Length:4 Year(s)


The Gender Studies major explores how gender and sexuality influence constructions of human identity historically and culturally, and how these in turn shape human development, behavior, and the processes of justice. Students in the major will learn to examine gender and sexuality from a broad variety of academic perspectives. As such, they become versatile thinkers with strong skills in critical problem solving, research, data collection, and writing. The Gender Studies major has been designed in the best tradition of liberal arts study: courses are structured to support independent inquiry, ethical reflection, and critical thought, and they culminate in a final research project that enables students to test their skills on a question of their own choosing. Students graduating with a BA in Gender Studies go on to a wide variety of careers and post–graduate study, including the arts, business, education, health care, media, politics, law, public policy and social work.
Modified on February 13, 2017