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Medical Sciences and Humanities

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Program Information

School:Swansea University
Faculty:Faculty of Human and Health Sciences
Degree:Bachelor; Honours
Field of Study:Humanities/Humanistic Studies
Medical Scientist (MS, PhD)
Description:The Medical Sciences and Humanities degree covers how we experience health and illness and why that might also be central to modern conceptions of medicine and healthcare. Students of MeSH are interested in the natural sciences and how they apply to the human body. The degree embodies the modern bio-psycho-social view of health and illness and aims to foster a broad and deep understanding of medicine and healthcare in every way we experience them.

As well as studying anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology, students address such questions as:
• How did doctors get the power to tell us how to eat, drink, and think?
• How did we get a National Health Service, and how does it work?
• What is the role of healthcare in controversial areas like euthanasia and suicide prevention?
The degree includes perspectives from the healthcare sciences, the human sciences and the humanities. It also teaches students how to analyse and evaluate information, developing advanced critical ability which is valued by employers. The degree also provides a broad base for those passionately interested in working in healthcare or medicine but unsure of their career path.
URL:Medical Sciences and Humanities at Swansea University
Course Based:Yes
Length:3 Year(s)
Modified on September 07, 2016

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