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Floorcovering (NAIT)



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Degree:Not Applicable; Apprenticeship
Field of Study:Building/Construction Finishing, Management, and Inspection, Other
Description:The Insulator program is designed to provide the apprentice with an opportunity to use various types of insulations in a variety of applications. The learner would cut, fabricate, and install material such as fiberglass, mineral wool, foamglass, calcium silicate, polystyrenes, and polyurethanes. The finishing and/or weatherproofing of the insulations would be with canvas jacketing, P.V.C., aluminum, stainless steel or mastic. These insulations will be installed onto a variety of equipment to simulate their use over piping, equipment, and vessels in industry. Their installations would also simulate use on commercial as well as industrial applications.
URL:Insulator at NAIT
Modified on March 14, 2018