International Hotel Management Institute Switzerland

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Diploma in International Hotel & Tourism Management

International Hotel Management Institute Switzerland

Field of Study:Tourism and Travel Services Management
Length:22 Week(s)
Careers:Accommodation Service ManagersHotel ManagersTravel Counsellors


This 22 week programme is equivalent to the second year of university and is designed for those who, already having qualifications in and/or experience of the fundamental operational aspects of hospitality and tourism management, seek to develop these skills to supervisory management level.

The objective of the programme is to develop students' professional understanding of how hospitality and tourism organisations integrate business functions and focuses on specific departmental responsibilities (housekeeping and facilities management) as well as cross-functional management skills (accounting, financial management, marketing and sales, and the uses of e-commerce). The programme also offers opportunities for the learning of foreign languages and core intermediate management skills.

Modified on November 30, 2020