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Crime Scene Investigations (CSI) Basic

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Program Information

School:ICS Canada
Faculty:School of Legal Studies
Degree:Certificate; Distance
Field of Study:Criminalistics and Criminal Science
Description:This Certificate program uses computer simulation software (included) and traditional educational methods to provide an understanding of the scientific theory as well as the actual practices and techniques used to process a crime scene.

The student will learn how crime scene professionals protect themselves and preserve evidence at a crime scene. They will also learn techniques law enforcement professionals execute at the scene of a crime. The program describes the many types of evidence and how evidence is collected and secured before being processed by a crime lab.

Program Objective
Students will use a computer-based simulation to process two virtual crime scenes. The software will evaluate how accurately and effectively the student processed the scenes of the crimes. The CSI LabSim manual also includes supplemental DVD-based lectures.
URL:Crime Scene Investigations (CSI) Basic at ICS Canada
Length:2 Year(s)
Modified on December 14, 2011