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Videography - Broadcast Journalism/Documentary

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Program Information

School:Conestoga College
Field of Study:Broadcast Journalism
Journalism, Other
Description:Typically, a video journalist is required to shoot and edit stories in addition to researching, reporting, interviewing and appearing on-air, with the potential to refine and expand work into lengthier documentary production. This full year of study allows students to develop skills that extend across all elements of ENG (Electronic News Gathering). Students will plan, acquire and present news stories through the use of digital video technology and non-linear editing techniques. Through the development of unique interview skills, writing skills, and video skills, students will prepare for work as reporters in a TV newsroom or in a web-based video environment. Students will build on their first semester experiences and engage in feature and documentary production in the second semester of the program. TV news items that students create are shown on "519 online", the regions first online newscast shot exclusively in HD. The show is also streamed to the world over the internet.
URL:Videography - Broadcast Journalism/Documentary at Conestoga College
Length:1 Year(s)
Enrolment #:25
Modified on July 27, 2009