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College of New Caledonia

Degree:Not Applicable; Apprenticeship
Field of Study:Plumbing and Related Water Supply Services, Other
Plumbing Technology/Plumber


Plumbers install, repair and maintain systems that keep our water and waste disposal systems running. They read and interpret blue prints and specifications, alter structure to fit the pipes and then test for leaks. They maintain systems to prevent or repair leaks. Plumbers work in residential, commercial and industrial plumbing fields. They lay the pipe for new buildings, and install sanitary and storm drainage systems and specialized systems like compressed air and medical gas systems, and make our homes convenient by installing fixtures and appliances. Plumbers enjoy working with their hands, are always in demand given current shortages, and enjoy opportunities for self-employment in a trade that is versatile and diverse.

In past years CNC plumbing apprenticeship students have gained hand-on experience and in-class theory by using plumbing skills in Habitat for Humanity homes and other community and commercial projects.

Modified on July 06, 2017