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IADC WellSharp Drilling Supervisory Course

Southeast College

Faculty:Second Line BOP
Field of Study:Well Drilling/Driller
Length:5 Day(s)
Careers:Oil Well Drilling Crews


The IADC WellSharp Drilling Supervisory course is essential training for those working in wellsite supervisory roles and for office-based personnel that are primarily involved in the operational decision-making process and/or well design. The course aims to build on previous training (including kick detection and shut-in) and focus on more complex aspects of well control and well kill methodology.

The Supervisor level course is designed for anyone working in a supervisory role and involved in the well design and operational decision-making process of drilling, such as a Drilling Supervisor, Superintendent or Company Man, Tool Pusher, OIM, or Rig Manager.

The 5-day course is delivered through presentation of a series of interactive lectures supported by videos and animations, group discussion, and drilling simulation exercises, supplemented by a classroom workbook and further self-study exercises. The course ends with an online assessment on the final day which will be administered by IADC and invigilated by an independent proctor.

Successful completion of the course and a pass mark of 70% or above on the written assessment and the simulator assessment will result in the IADC WellSharp certification which is valid for two years. Course certification is internationally accepted.

**This training has been recognized by the Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors (CAODC) and The Alberta Energy Regulator (AER)**
Modified on August 21, 2019