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Geospatial Science

Charles Sturt University

Faculty:School of Distance Learning
Degree:Bachelor; Online; Distance
Field of Study:Cartography
Length:3 Year(s)
Cost per year:*
National: $27,172

Cost per year has been converted from Australian Dollars ($30,400) to Canadian Dollars.

Careers:Land Surveyors


Dive deep into data. Make it meaningful. Then get creative to solve some of the complex problems facing the environment and help to make people’s everyday lives a little easier. The Bachelor of Geospatial Science from Charles Sturt University equips you to pilot advanced technologies in order to harness the world of data – then use the intelligence to shape our world.

As a geospatial scientist you’ll study the relationships between physical locations, people, and earth processes. And you’ll develop the skills and understanding to make connections between people, places and processes.
Modified on August 19, 2019