Need Help Choosing a University?

By Western University Modified on December 05, 2017

Start by deciding what you want to study


Choosing which university to attend is an important decision and one that warrants careful attention, planning and though if you want to make the right choice. There are a number of factors to consider including the student experience, location, academic reputation, international learning experiences and potential internship opportunities. While these are all important details to know before starting university next September, the most important factor is deciding what you are going to study after high school.

The program you choose to study during an undergraduate degree will set you on a path towards a rewarding career in different professions, industries and graduate degree options upon graduation. Take the time to research which faculty and program best fits your interests. This will ensure you study a topic that you are both interested in, and will succeed at studying. Some schools, such as Western University have a dedicated Welcome page for future students. It provides a wealth of information about admissions, scholarships, residence choices, open houses and how to tour the campus. Most importantly, the site provides a list of academic degrees and programs so you can start exploring your choices.

To assist with your decision-making, Ontario Universities’ have put together an easy to use guide allowing you to find and compare programs. The guide, called eINFO ( allows students to determine which programs each university offers. Additionally, it lists the admission requirements, scholarships, fees and more. Lastly, take the time to talk about your choice with family, teachers, guidance counsellors and older siblings or friends who may have already attended university. Many of these individuals were once in the same position you are and can offer thoughtful advice and guidance on making the decision that is right for you.