Is an Art and Design University Right for You?

By OCAD University Modified on October 11, 2017

Learn why choosing a specialized school in art and design might be the best choice for you.


Thinking of going into art, design or media? Below are some reasons you should choose a specialized school in those areas:

1) It’s our specialty

This is probably the most obvious reason. Learn from experienced faculty that are industry professionals themselves. Receive an education tailored to your needs and gain hands-on studio practice in an environment that encourages innovation, creativity and imagination.

2) Experimentation

Many art and design students find that they’re often interdisciplinary in their practice and this is in fact encouraged. By dabbling in different disciplines, students are taught to think more holistically and broaden their critical, artistic and design thinking.

3) Small class sizes

Small class sizes which gives students the opportunity to further strengthen their collaboration efforts with their peers as well as more one-on-one mentorship with their professors.

4) Meet like-minded yet diverse individuals

Meet other artists and designers who think different but share the same level of curiosity, passion and creativity. Be inspired and broaden your perspective all within a supportive, collaborative and unique environment.

5) Be part of a well-connected community

The networks established at a specialized university are integral for the careers of artists and designers. Be part of a rich and well-connected art and design hub that offers mentorship and career opportunities.

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