The Adventure Starts Here!

By Bangor University Modified on October 11, 2017

A stunning location, great education, and low cost, Bangor may be the perfect choice!


Location - Bangor is a wonderful choice for any student considering a unique university experience. Bangor is a small, safe city with a lot going on: The Pontio Arts and Innovation Centre sits in the middle of the city with a cinema, theatre, and dining facilities, and the city has numerous shops, pubs, restaurants, hiking, activities, and we’re 1st in the UK for Clubs and Societies with more than 250 to choose from. It has some of the most stunning scenery you’ve ever seen right on the ocean, and in the mountains of Snowdonia National Park. There are three castles within 20 minutes of campus, and it’s really well-connected to the big cities – London is 3 hours on a direct train, Manchester is 2 hours, Liverpool 1.5, and Dublin is 1.5 by ferry.

Academics – We’re in the top 2% of universities in the world, provide more than 400 courses at Undergraduate and Postgraduate level, with many top-ranked subjects in the UK. The degrees are shorter than in Canada (3 years for a bachelor’s, 1 for a master’s, 3 for a PhD), and nearly every degree transfers back to Canada equally. We have excellent prospects across all curriculum's, particularly Law, Business, Medicine, Psychology, Ocean Sciences, Creative Writing, and Education.

Cost- Bangor is one of the lowest cost-of-living locations in the UK. It also has low tuition starting at $20,000 CAN per year, with lots of scholarships available, and we work with many Canadian Loan providers too! You can also work while abroad and Bangor can help you find a job once on campus.

Is Bangor the perfect choice for you? Find out more! Contact your Country Manager, Maggie Parke: for more info (she’s from the USA and did her MA and PhD at Bangor!), or visit us.