Algonquin College: Giving You The Tools Of Tomorrow, Today

By Algonquin College Modified on October 11, 2017

Discover what makes Algonquin College Special


Are you thinking about attending college? Think ahead a few years. When you graduate, which skills will the marketplace demand? How will technology influence your industry? A core challenge of postsecondary institutions is meeting the future head-on, giving you the tools of tomorrow, today.

Algonquin College has identified two essential ingredients for producing graduates that can successfully compete in today’s global knowledge economy. The first is authentic, hands-on learning. The second is digital connectivity. That combination applies across all our campuses, schools, programs and courses.

Employers have long recognized the value of students who possess a combination of both classroom-based education and community-based learning experiences. That’s the unique Algonquin approach. From clinical placements to field projects, organizations and the community become more aware of the opportunities and benefits of working with Algonquin students.

Consider the Office of Applied Research and Innovation when you think about hands-on learning. Your projects don’t just sit on a shelf. At Algonquin, your work is relevant and needed. We help enrich your employability skills, making your entrance to the job market a rewarding, engaging experience.

Applied research is focused on applying the latest knowledge and technologies in the creation of useful products, services and processes. Instructors combine work experience with a passion for helping students.

As for digital connectivity, it’s begins with our Vision Statement.. “To be a global leader in personalized, digitally connected, experiential learning.” We embrace the exciting possibilities of uniting teaching and technology. Algonquin College is a leader in online learning. Be sure to take full advantage of technology.

As you consider your future, consider Algonquin College.