How To Rock Your New School Year!

Modified on September 06, 2017

Back to School: 5 Ways to Make This Year Count.


  1. 1. Get your sleep in. Likely over the summer vacation, you’ve got into the habit of going to bed late, and sleeping in - and if you’re not totally functioning by noon, no big deal. However, now school/university is back, you’ll need to get used to going to bed earlier so that you are up and ready for classes. Well rested, not only will you be able to really pay attention in class, but you’ll likely be more fun for your friends to hang around with.
  2. 2. Be organized. This may include packing your bag for classes the night before, setting up reminders on your phone/computer for assignment deadlines – and if you’re a classic procrastinator, scheduling time in your day to study. If you find it difficult to study at home, plan to go to a library or a coffee shop.
  3. 3. Balance your social life with your studies. Having a good balance of social life vs studies is healthy, for sure. However, if you’re studying full-time, then your studies should be centre stage. Accept the fact that you might not be on call 24/7 for your friends and other social engagements. Choose your friends carefully – if your studies are important to you, don’t hang out with the party crowd.
  4. 4. Start building your resume. It’s never too early to start thinking about what you want to do, and what skills, experience, interests your future employer will be interested in. Talk to people with careers you may be interested in. Consider volunteering or taking an internship in a field that interests you.
  5. 5. Become a global citizen. In an ever-more competitive global workplace, international experience is really important. Various studies have shown that students who study abroad will find it easier to find a job than their counterparts, and will start on higher salaries and be promoted quicker. Consider a short-term exchange, a post-graduate program abroad, or an internship oversea. Find out more at the Study and Go Abroad Fair.