Studying For Your First University Midterm?

By Redeemer University College Modified on August 09, 2017

4 unique study techniques that help keep you on track.


Knowing how to study well is an important skill to have! Here are a couple ways to start off the school year well with some new studying techniques:

  • Listen to instrumental music while studying (the more unfamiliar, the better!) That way, you can focus more on the words on your page than the words of the song. And since it’s better to read your notes out loud, it’s easier if you’re not singing along to your favourite pop anthem at the same time.
  • Don’t study in the same spot too long. Try studying in the library, outside, or in your dorm. A quick walk can also boost your memory so take the time to walk to a new location to continue studying. Also try a variety of study techniques – study with a group for 20 minutes, but then take 20 minutes to study by yourself.
  • Practice tests are the best form of studying because you’re teaching your brain how to recall the information you learned. Some of your textbooks offer practice questions. Your professors are also a great resource. Always keep your old tests to use for future reference and practice. Tip: you could also try Googling: “site:edu (SUBJECT) exam” to find old versions of tests or exams to use for practice.
  • Chew a unique flavor of gum while studying… then chew it again when you take your test! The taste will help jog your memory.

Want to learn more? Redeemer University College offers Study Smart seminars throughout the year to help students upgrade their study skills and focus their efforts by discussing tips and ideas like the ones you read above. Other topics include goal setting, taking lecture notes, reading assigned texts, exam preparation and essay writing. Prepare yourself for the increased academic challenge in university.

Study hack ideas from this Buzzfeed Youtube video.