Plan B Strategies!

By Swansea University Modified on August 30, 2017

Didn’t get into university first time? Don’t give up!


If you are not successful initially because your grades aren’t what universities require, take a step back and think about WHAT YOU REALLY WANT TO DO?

The world needs all sorts of talents, from all walks of life and some of you may not be cut out for an academic pathway and wish to take the opportunity to learn a vocational trade, because let’s face it, the world needs electricians, plumbers, plasterers, hairdressers, beauticians, social care workers…

Community Colleges are an excellent pathway to a variety of careers whether you wish to follow a vocational path, or simply boosting your academic standing if going to university is really your heart’s desire! Many of them have excellent relationships with local industry/business/organisations, so many programmes have internships built into the programme. Many offer an automatic pathway to a specific university, so do check them out:

Some Canadian institutions, despite students graduating from high school with good grades, may have a cap on number in certain subject areas, which may limit your opportunities, so it may be worth considering enrolling in a degree in the UK?

Here at Swansea University, we aim to help students achieve their potential and offer plenty of support along the way. In the first year, students are assigned a mentor/careers advisor who will share their academic journey. However, should students need a little more help our fantastic Wellbeing Team are on hand to offer assistance:

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