Opportunity In The Midst Of Rejection

By Briercrest College Modified on May 05, 2017

Find out what Google and Ben & Jerry’s have to do with your college rejection letter.


We all know the bubbling of anticipation, nerves, and excitement you feel as you open the long-awaited letter from the college you’ve applied to. For some, you respond with shrieks of excitement as you realize that you’ve been accepted. But for others, the letter doesn’t have the answer you’re hoping for. Dealing with feelings of rejection is tough. It can feel like the doors of opportunity and dreams are being slammed in your face.

While it’s ok to feel disappointed, don’t let it define you. Disappointment is something everyone faces throughout their lifetime. In fact, many successful people were rejected from college or jobs many times before succeeding.

Take Sergey Brin, for example. While you may not recognize his name, you certainly are familiar with his work: Google. After being rejected from one graduate school, he was accepted to another, where he met Larry Page, and together they created Google.

Jerry Greenfield received 20 rejection letters when applying to med school, not once, but twice. Eventually, he and his friend Ben Cohen decided to try their hand at an ice cream business, which we all know today: Ben & Jerry’s.

There are many others including Tina Fey, Tom Hanks, and Barack Obama. So don’t be discouraged when it feels like doors are being closed. Rather, try to see it as an opportunity to explore a different option. Apply to other schools, or look for work experience related to your career interests. Often times, people look back and find themselves thankful for the rejections they received because of where it led them.

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