Don't Wait To Graduate - Get Work Experience Now

By Confederation College Modified on March 06, 2017

One of the best ways to be ready for the workplace after graduation is to get work experience while you study.


Confederation College is here to help you land that experience in a few different ways:

1. Co-Operative and Work Placement Services
Many of our programs offer a co-op experience or work placement, so you can earn credits towards your diploma while also applying your skills and knowledge to the workplace. In some cases, you’ll even get paid!

Confederation works closely with employers in the industries connected to our programs to ensure students like you are engaged in productive, meaningful and hands-on work. While learning in a real-world environment, you’ll also have the opportunity to build a network of contacts and secure an important reference to use when you’re ready to start your career.

2. Work and Get Involved on Campus
Our Student Union offers on-campus employment opportunities and looks for students to sit on their Board of Directors each year. In addition, there are endless volunteer and extra-curricular opportunities available on campus from joining a sports team to helping with special events to acting as a tutor, and more! These are great ways to gain new skills and build up your resume as you prepare for your future career.

3. Get Ready for Work After Graduation
Northwest Employment Works (NEW) is here to help you transition from school to work. Students have access to a multitude of free services including career counselling and support with things like job searches, resume building and developing crucial skills for job interviews and more. Participate in workshops, access their Resource Centre, or get personalized advice from one of their trained advisors. Plus, NEW leverages positive relationships with local employers to help match you to your ideal employment opportunity.

Students can also access StayNorth, a collaborative initiative of the six northern Ontario colleges, including Confederation, is designed to connect you to employers in the north who are ready to hire our graduates. As you approach graduation, we’ll help you to register online so you can kick start your career.

With all of these resources at your fingertips, 84.6 per cent of graduates finding employment within six months of graduation1 and a 92.6 per cent employer satisfaction rate2, you can rest assured that studying at Confederation College will help you to achieve career success. Learn more at

1Survey of 2014/15 graduates six months after graduation.
2Survey of employers who have hired 2014/15 graduates.