Invest In Your Future

By Briercrest College Modified on March 06, 2017

Take advantage of the opportunities available to help you succeed in your career.


Classroom learning is important. In fact, it’s completely necessary to becoming prepared for your career. But as important as your degree is, employers are becoming increasingly interested in the practical hands-on experience job applicants have in addition to their education.

At Briercrest, we want our students to grow holistically and leave here well-equipped for whatever job they end up in. That is why we provide lots of opportunities for you to gain experience that will help set you up for success in your career.

Many of our programs offer internships, practicums, or co-op placements that are specific to the field you are entering. Not only does this give you a taste of what the job is like, but it gives you very relevant work experience and connects you with others working in your field. Often times those connections you make become very important as you begin exploring job options.

Even if you’re unsure what specifically you’d like to do for a career, there’s still many other opportunities like student government, Youth Quake, musical productions, athletics, leadership opportunities, among others, that help you discover your strengths and gain experience in a variety of areas. This helps you grow to become a well-rounded individual, and you gain leadership and interpersonal skills, which are incredibly important to any job.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for specific job experience or just looking for opportunities that that will look great on your resumé, Briercrest has lots of unique ways you can get involved and start investing in your future.

Let us help you start better. Start at Briercrest.