Graduate With An Advantage In The Workplace

By University of Waterloo Modified on March 06, 2017

Tips for finding and landing your dream job.


School isn’t just about class and readings, it can also be about professional development and planning your career path! With this in mind, here are some tips to get you started on your path to success.

Get as much experience as possible
Whether it’s working a summer job, volunteering, or taking up a new hobby, there are many ways to gain valuable experience! Employers are looking for people who are enthusiastic and involved and want to hear about what makes you different from other candidates. Having interesting experiences will help set you apart from the crowd.

Personalize your résumé
Try to customize your application for as many jobs as you can, picking out keywords and concepts from the job posting and incorporating them into your résumé and cover letter. Have someone edit your cover letter and résumé, as another set of eyes may notice areas for improvement.

Apply for a post-secondary program with co-op
Co-op offers an immersive, first-hand experience into the workforce, giving you the upper-hand over other applicants who are graduating with little or no relevant work experience. For example, University of Waterloo co-op students graduate with up to 2 years of paid work experience, along with professional development knowledge from courses designed to lead students to workplace success.

Attend information sessions/panels
Speaking with employers that have a lot of experience in their field is not only beneficial for gaining extra knowledge and having your questions answered, but it’s also an excellent way to network and make connections! Career coaches at Waterloo's Centre for Career Action often say it’s all about who you know, and getting a chance to set foot into the workforce can help launch your career!