Funding Your Future At IE University, Spain

By IE University Modified on February 22, 2017

Up to $20,000 CAD in Scholarships available for international students


What? Scholarships, Loans, Fellowships, opening bank accounts

Who? Talented and promising individuals accepted at IE University of all nationalities

How? Consult Financial Aid Team and check website for scholarships that fit your needs

When? Each scholarship application has a unique deadline and students can apply upon admission.


Each year 60% of IE University (IEU) students are granted financial aid through a variety of scholarships and bank arrangements. IEU strives to help ambitious individuals develop their entrepreneurial drive and international spirit regardless of their financial situation.

Stemming from IEU’s personalized approach to education, our Financial Aid team offers financial plan assessment and advice through virtual and in-person consultations. By evaluating students’ financial situation in regards to tuition and estimated costs of living in Spain we create tailor-made Financial Plans for each individual.

Once students have been accepted at IEU, they can apply for a maximum of three scholarships through our Financial Aid Application. IEU scholarships are not cumulative (only one is granted). Individual awards typically average 40% of tuition costs, however they can cover up to 100% of tuition costs for exceptional students. IEU scholarships can also be combined with external scholarships or loans.

The Financial Aid Committee chooses scholarship recipients based on need, merit, and diversity – students are encouraged to apply for specific scholarships based on their strengths, talents, and accomplishments. After submitting a financial aid application, students receive a response within 2 to 5 weeks, enabling them to proceed with the enrollment process.

IE University aims to foster talent and increase students’ unique worth. We value individuals with outstanding achievements and want to ensure that they have the opportunity to reach their full potential at IE University.