Get Ready For The New Year

By Redeemer University College Modified on January 03, 2017

Finish off high school strong and prepare for a year of changes!


With the holiday rush behind us, and exams and final projects quickly approaching, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of the work! Here are a few tips and tricks to help get you through your final semester, and prepare you for the demands of college or university.

  1. Get Organized: Take time every day to fill out your agenda or calendar with all of your upcoming events, deadlines and commitments. This allows you to not only see when things are coming up, but also allows you to plan ahead and get an early start on assignments. Having a visual reminder can help you make the most of your time, while still including a fun social life!
  2. Notes: Everyday, plan to set some time aside to re-read any notes you may have taken from today. This can help ensure you know the information you are taking in, but may also help you formulate any questions you may have about the subject. This will make exam studying go a lot smoother, and is a great habit to carry into college or university.
  3. Variety: Help ensure that you know subject information by studying in a variety of different ways. Reading through your material out loud, and with a partner can be very beneficial, as well as quizzing yourself and a partner out loud. Also try studying in new areas -the library, home, etc. A change of scenery might help boost your memory!
  4. Relax: Leave some time in your schedule to do the things you like to do! Spend some time with friends, go to a movie, or just read a book! It’s always important to have time to unwind and relax!

Check one of those items off your new year's’ to-do list and apply to university now - Redeemer University is always accepting applications and it’s free to apply until January 31st! Keep your options open and submit an application at