2017 Maclean's University Ranking Results - Medical/Doctoral Schools

By Brian Hastie Modified on March 06, 2018

Find out how some of Canada's medical and doctoral schools fared!


Medical/Doctoral Schools

All top five medical schools retain their positions from the last three years and continue to dominate the field – these storied institutions demonstrate a number of reasons as to why they stack up close to (or at the) very top.

  1. 1. McGill University
    One of the oldest institutions in the country retains its top ranking this year, placing an impressive first in the categories of social sciences and humanities grants, library expenses, library acquisitions and student scholarships and bursaries.
  2. 2. University of Toronto
    Collecting the most research dollars out of any Canadian university (almost $460,000 per full-time faculty member) and ranking first in reputation, The University of Toronto holds strong in second place yet again this year.
  3. 3. University of British Columbia
    Strong praise is awarded to this third-place institution in the area of student awards. It also placed third in the student/faculty ratio, with an average of around 17 students per class.
  4. 4. Queen’s University
    Ranking third in overall student satisfaction, second in the faculty awards category and third in scholarships and bursaries, Queen’s displays another solid showing this year, maintaining a fourth-place position.
  5. 5. University of Alberta
    This institution spends more money than any other medical school on operating expenditures (over $15,000 per full-time equivalent student), and ranks fifth in the national reputational ranking, solidifying it in the number five position yet again this year.

The rest of the list stays largely the same as last year, with Dalhousie moving up a spot to #7 and l’Université de Sherbrooke leapfrogging from 15th to 13th place. Check out the complete rankings below – click on the Profile link to be taken to each school’s profile on our website to learn more!

Maclean’s University Rankings 2017 - Medical/Doctoral Schools

School Overall Ranking Rank Last Year More
McGill University 1 [1] Profile
University of Toronto 2 [2] Profile
University of British Columbia 3 [3] Profile
Queen’s University 4 [4] Profile
University of Alberta 5 [5] Profile
McMaster University 6 [6] Profile
Dalhousie University 7 [8] Profile
University of Ottawa *8 [*9] Profile
Western University *8 [7] Profile
University of Calgary 10 [*9] Profile
Université de Montréal 11 [11] Profile
Université de Laval 12 [12] Profile
Université de Sherbrooke 13 [15] Profile
University of Manitoba 14 [*14] Profile
University of Saskatchewan *14 [13] Profile

(Source: Maclean’s magazine)

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