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Top Tips to Bag that Summer Internship
A Queen's University Belfast student shares her top tips for summer internships on how to apply, prepare, and get the spot!
Looking Ahead at Your Future Career
Explore your options, find your passions, pursue your dreams.
Chat with Students: a New Tool to Support Your Search for the Right School
You'll have the chance to connect with students online, one-on-one, to learn what life's really like at the schools that interest you.
Top 4 Ways to Make the Most of Your University Experience
A recent Cardiff Met grad shares her top tips for how you can succeed in school.
Thinking About Adding a Co-op Program to Your Degree?
Mount Royal grad Anna landed her dream job thanks to her co-op work experience, and so could you!
Learn how studying online helped mature student Priscilla become an early childhood educator.
Medical Student Life: Expectation Vs. Reality
Discover what it would look like as a medicine student at Queen's University Belfast!
Gain Professional Skills at York University
Learn more about services available to help you enhance your employability.
Canadian Optometry Student Jesse on Choosing an American School
Jesse, OD '21, speaks about how he came to MCPHS and what the experience has been like.
Academic Advising Prep Tips
Get the most out of your academic advising sessions with these top tips on how to prepare.
A Breath of Fresh Air: A New Year and a New Semester
How I plan my time in order to achieve my goals for the new year and new semester.
Time Management 101
Learning to use your time more effectively can make all the difference in university.
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