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Entrance Scholarships for Canadians at the University of Guelph-Humber
Are you about to enter your first year of post-secondary studies? Discover the scholarships and bursaries the University of Guelph-Humber offers incoming first-years.
Top Four Things to See and Ask When Visiting Campus
Going on any campus visits soon? Find out what you should ask about while you're there.
Preparing Yourself (and Your Documents) for Application Season
Applying for college or university isn't difficult, but being prepared ahead of time makes it a lot easier.
Applying to University: the Preparation Process
How to ensure you're ready to apply to university. Application season is upon us!
Should You Specialize, Or Keep Your Studies Broad?
You'll need to make lots of decisions during your university career, and this is a big one!
Finding the Right Fit: Choosing a Program in Four Steps
Choosing your program can be tough, but with these four steps the process will be easier.
Your Education Event Gameplan, Explained
Attending an in-person or virtual education event? Here's your ultimate guide to getting the most value for your time.
14 Questions You Need to Ask Schools
If you're still considering where you want to study, make sure you ask your potential schools these questions to narrow down your choices.
Navigating Your Academic Journey
Success takes work, but you can do it! Application season is upon us, so now's the time for action.
Tuition Contest: Your Chance to Win up to $5,000 Towards Tuition
It takes less than five minutes to apply to win up to $5,000 towards your Algonquin College tuition!
Top 10 Reasons to Choose Lakehead
Discover why Lakehead is anything but ordinary.
Funding Your Studies at OCAD
Discover the resources that can help you get financially ready for your undergraduate degree!
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