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5 Brock Courses with a Focus on Climate Change
With the COP26 climate summit ending soon, Brock University shares their courses to get you thinking about climate change.
First-in-Canada One Health Degree Coming to the University of Guelph
The University of Guelph makes history as it becomes the first school to offer the Bachelor of One Health.
How Mentorship Helped an MCPHS Grad Launch a Career at Merck
Hardik Goswami, originally from India, earned his PHEP before working for one of the world's largest pharma companies.
New grads are already making an impact in their fields.
Ontario Announces Tuition Support for PSWs and Practical Nurses
Want to sharpen your skills to become a registered nurse? You could get up to $10,000 in funding to become an RN!
2022 Maclean
Maclean's released their rankings for Canada's best medical doctoral universities for 2022.
2022 Maclean
Maclean's magazine ranks Canada's best nursing programs for 2022.
Updated: Everything You Need to Know about Vaccine Passports in Canada
Many provinces are using a vaccine passport that will restrict unvaccinated citizens from entering certain businesses, events, and activities. Check out what your province has decided.
Tips on Adjusting to University Life as an International Student
Planning on attending school outside your home country? An international student from Ontario Tech University offers some tips on how to make the most out of your university experience!
Impacts of Covid-19 on Newcomers to Canada
Queen’s researcher helps conduct study to determine how Covid has affected newcomers’ food security, employment opportunities, and general health.
Canadian Optometry Student on Choosing an American School
Jesse, OD '21, speaks about how he came to MCPHS and what the experience has been like.
Brock Applied Health Sciences Grads Support Pandemic Response
New grads work in vaccination clinics, long-term care homes, and all around the world.
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