In the Shadow of Your Future Job

Modified on March 11, 2014

By Matthew Butler


One of the best ways to break into a particular field or industry is by gaining useful experience in that field. With the start of many useful co-op and internship programs, schools are motivating students to venture out into the job market early in a variety of innovative ways.

One of these ways is something called job shadowing. Many of you might remember visiting your parents at work, (whether it was by choice or not is another matter!) and that experience probably gave you some idea of what they do for a living.

Now picture that except now as an older student, at a job that is both interesting and may relate to your program of study. The experience will not only help give you insight into whether you want to pursue a career, but will also help your resume and may give you an edge over other future job candidates.

Job shadowing programs are more common in high school, but also occur in post-secondary schools as well. Check with your school’s career office or guidance office for more information and step into your new shadow!