3 Unusual Places to Find Scholarships

Modified on October 11, 2019

Companies, organizations, clubs and religious groups: there's lots of places to find awards.

A stack of coins beside a laptop.

So you've checked the usual spots — your guidance department, school websites, maybe you've even scoured the millions of dollars available on ScholarshipsCanada. What's left? Here are a few spots you may not have thought to check for potential scholarships, bursaries, and awards:

Your work — or your parents'
If you have a job, your employer or union may offer scholarships to qualified employees. Ask your manager for details, or check out your company or union website to find more information. Your parents may also work for a company that offers scholarships to children of employees. Often, these scholarships are renewable and not taxed!

Clubs or religious groups
Are you or someone in your family a member of an organization like the Rotary Club, Masons, or 4-H? Many organizations offer scholarships exclusively to members and their families, so do some research to find out if there's something available for you through these groups. Also, if you are a member of a religious organization, you may be able to find scholarships offered to students who are a part of the group. Ask around!

Professional associations
Many organizations and associations offer scholarships for students looking to study in their field. If you have an idea of what you want to study, look into the professional organizations in Canada and your province to see if they have opportunities for future workers.

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